The best places to visit in Finland during summer

Finland is a European country filled with many historical and cultural attractions. Because it is a relatively unknown place in Europe, the natural surroundings are still unspoiled and this makes it a perfect destination.

If you are traveling to Finland, one of the indigenous travel agencies you can patronize is Matkaporssi. However, you should read what other people in Finland that have used their services are saying about them on Suomiarvostelut. Here are some of the places you should visit during summer in Finland:

Suomenlinna Fortress

The Suomenlinna fortress is one of the largest sea fortresses in the world. Located some meters away from the Helsinki Market Square which is a mini-cruise, it is filled with lots of activities. The tunnels, museums, and ramparts of the impressive fortifications are all there for adventure lovers to explore. You can walk around the fort and take in the various attractions.


Kauppatori is a popular gathering point that also serves as the market square. Here, you will find farmers, food producers, fishermen, craftsmen, etc. selling from their boats. There are also food vendors which make the air thick with strong food scents; you can try out some of the local dishes too. Besides the market square is Esplanadi, an open swath where people come together in the evenings. The swath is lined by elegant buildings and trees. It is also filled with lots of booths selling crafts and local foods.

Helsinki churches

The churches in Helsinki are another set of beautiful places you can visit. The first is the Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral which also serves as the largest Orthodox church in western Europe. The interior is decorated with icons, crosses, altars, etc. Visitors are always welcome here. The second is the Lutheran Cathedral which is a neoclassical building and faces one of the most beautiful public squares in Europe. The third is the Temppeliaukio Church, an architectural wonder with a woven roof made of copper and stone. As such, it is a favorite music venue for musical concerts.

Aland Archipelago

The Aland islands, which contain over 10,000 small islands,  are located between Finland and Sweden. These islands have a unique history and over 20,000 people live there. The main occupations of the island are trade and shipping and maritime history is a great attraction for tourists. You can also visit the open-air museum of Jan Karlsgarden, where you can see beautiful historic relics. Generally, everywhere in the Aland islands are unspoiled, which makes the landscape stunning. Every year, there is a massive celebration for both the dwellers of the islands and tourists.

Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights even if once in their lifetime is a desire of most people. Finland is one of the top places in the world that offers this breathtaking experience of seeing the Northern Lights. The north of the Arctic Circle provides the best position to see the lights.


This is the country’s oldest town and it has at least eight centuries of history. It also has a lot of medieval buildings as well as modern architecture. The river is one of the city’s greatest attractions as it serves as a gathering place for the locals in summer and a skating rink in winter.