The Best Attractions You Must Visit When On a Vacation to Thailand

Thailand can be a destination for overseas holidays. The White Elephant Country is indeed one of the favorite tourist spots for tourists from all over the world.

Among the many places in Thailand, Bangkok is one of the right choices to visit, especially if vacation time is short.

The capital of Thailand has its own charm that is a must to visit, it is incomplete if visiting Thailand without staying. Very many inns to classy hotels in Thailand, one of which is Novotel. Novotel is the only 4 star hotel Kamala beach with complete facilities and affordable prices, very suitable as a place to stay.

Immediately, here are five places to visit while on vacation in Bangkok:

1. Temple

As a country with 95 percent Buddhist population, there are many temples standing in Thailand, including in the City of Bangkok.

Temples in Thailand are also known as “wats”.

Visitors from abroad can see firsthand how local people worship there.

Temples in Bangkok are usually glittering and are far from tourist traffic.

Some temples are also in a large complex with large halls, schools, and statues.

Three major temples in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, Wat po and Wat Arun.

All three temples are located close to the tourist trail.

If it’s just your first visit to Bangkok, the temple will be a place that you must visit.

In addition to the magnificent and impressive building, its existence is also full of history.

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Weekend Market, also known as Chatuchak, is one of the largest in Asia.

Often abbreviated as JJ, this market is in an area of ​​35 hectares.

In it, there are also thousands of traders and every weekend this market can attract visitors to reach 200,000 people.

The goods sold here are so complete.

Usually, visitors look for typical Thai handicrafts, works of art, clothing, household items, to pets.

If you come to this market, tourists must be prepared to be in the midst of hot and crowded conditions.

In addition, the network of stalls looks like a maze that makes visitors easily lost.

But apparently, that condition makes visitors love it.

This crowded condition can be avoided by visiting before 9 am or in the afternoon after 4.

3. Ancient City (Muang Boran)

The most important historical site in Thailand has a travel time of around 45 minutes from Bangkok.

This tourist destination in Samut Prakan does have many replicas of the White Elephant Land.

The replicas include the Grand Palace in Bangkok to the Preah Vihear Temple, which is on the border with Cambodia.

You could say this destination is Thailand’s, Mini Park.

To explore the Ancient City area, it is not recommended to walk.

That’s because this tourist area is quite extensive.

It’s better if tourists rent a golf cart or bicycle to get around.

4. Museum of Floral Culture

Lovers of flowers and nature who are also interested in Thai flower culture are obliged to visit this museum.