Greetings From Misfit Island

Whereas Rhode Island has its fair share of private beaches, it prides itself on public right of ways resulting in the sandy shore. To reinforce the island feel, around the perimeter of the outside party space I placed a vinyl “Scene Setter” of the sun setting brilliantly over the ocean titled “Sundown Seashore” (available on-line from Celebration City). There is only one airport which is situated in Lanai Metropolis. Its rich history might be gleaned via Lengthy Island’s many railroad-related sights. The museum’s twin-engined, medium-range North American B-25 Mitchell bomber, designated “Miss Hap,” had been Normal Hap Arnold’s private plane, while the sort on the whole had been made famous by the Doolittle Raid.
To a considerable extent Boracay seems to be simply one other busy metropolis, with a charming seaside and a crisp sea air, and not a retreat for metropolis dwellers to escape the bustling metro. Nightlife, procuring, … Read More

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