Camp Angel Island

Excursions are periodically offered to the historic, five-story, 1943 control tower positioned in Hangar four. The view from the cab, amid vintage radio and radar gear overlooking Republic airport’s two runways, provides perception into the controllers’ functions, which regularly included coordinating vectors from P-47s, A-10s, F-84s, and F-105s enroute to the area’s dense air base community comprised of Zahns Airport, then nearly across the road, Grumman in Bethpage, Mitchel Area in Backyard City, the Floyd Bennett Area Naval Air Station in Brooklyn, and the Vought manufacturing facility throughout Lengthy Island Sound in Connecticut, a community emphasizing Long Island’s early nucleic function in aviation.
Treasure Island, Florida is a good looking seaside teeming with wide number of wildlife. Manufactured by the American Automobile and Foundry Company in 1912 for the Lengthy Island Railroad’s Long Island Parlor Car Firm subsidiary, the eighty-ton coach, measuring eighty feet lengthy by 14 toes excessive, originally … Read More

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