Inexperienced Commercial Roofers Make These Mistakes – It’s Smart To Be Aware Of Them

Investing in a commercial roof is not one that many decision-makers take lightly. So often, these projects can be enormous in cost depending on the property. Therefore, hiring a well-known commercial roofing contractor with the correct experience is of utmost importance. However, how can you notice some of the mistakes inexperienced commercial roofing companies make? Read below to learn more. 

A Lack Of Industry Knowledge

Residential roofing and commercial roofing are not the same things. Besides needing differing materials and tools for commercial projects, the experience needed for commercial roofing is different. There are many more factors to consider when the project is a giant building than a small home.

Low Bidding

It’s unfortunate, but many newer commercial roofers accrue their experience from bidding on projects below what most experienced companies would accept. How do you feel about them learning on the job with your new roof? The allure of saving money on the bid is what winds up costing so many businesses in the long run when issues crop up from a lack of foresight and knowledge.

Missing The Correct Licenses & Insurance 

It’s honestly quite shocking how many companies get hired to do commercial roofing work that does not possess the correct license and insurance. This can become a massive issue down the road if the project does not go well. It’s a good idea to identify that they do indeed possess both a commercial roofing license and insurance before hiring them.

Insufficient Portfolio Of Comparable Work 

If the organization you are considering hiring doesn’t hold in their portfolio a commercial roof similar to yours and can’t show they have done so, then continue your search. Expertise is perhaps the single largest factor to weigh when you need to finalize the hiring decision. Ensure your project is just a mere stroll through the park and not a whole new experience for the company you hire.

Do They Have A Good Reputation 

Reputation is paramount; regardless of how experienced they are, bad people are bad people. If the contractor you consider hiring has a checkered online reputation, then move on to the next. You can get a good understanding of the company’s reputation from searching sites like Google, Yelp, and the BBB.  Be extra mindful of what the good and bad reviews look like, and see the nature of their responses to bad reviews.

Once you have done a thorough examination of each company and the points discussed above all checkout, you should consider the bid, in South Florida this company is amazing  When the companies all have the proper experience needed, stellar reparations, and an impressive portfolio, you should use price to determine the winner. But do not fall for the trap of the shady roofer’s low bid proposals. So often, this backfires in ways that will cost both money and time.